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As a key participant in the poultry industry, Gallicoop Turkey Processing Zrt. is Hungary’s market-leading turkey processing company. Since its establishment in 1989, it has been continuously increasing its financial and professional results. The purpose of Gallicoop’s foundation was to organize turkey farming in a closed system, to provide the necessary raw materials, and to carry out processing, meat product production and sales. The company is a Hungarian-owned private joint-stock company.

GALLICOOP Zrt’s leading environmentally conscious activity dates back more than thirty years:

1989. During the compilation of the production technology, priority was given to the fact that the by-products that are not suitable for human consumption (e.g.: feathers, guts and intestines, etc.) generated during the slaughtering and processing of turkeys are collected in a closed system in a closed system that does not pollute the environment. for operation. The processing company KATECH Fehérjefelforgozó Zrt is located right next to the premises of Gallicoop Zrt. The transferred by-product is used to produce a valuable raw material for feeding pets.


Gallicoop Zrt’s biological wastewater treatment plant, based on living machine technology, began operating in 2009.

The operation of the equipment is not only useful for the plant, but also for the surrounding population.

The specialty of the wastewater treatment technology is that the root system of the plants planted in the reactors creates a living space for a rich ecosystem, thus increasing the efficiency of the cleaning.


Hungary’s largest and most modern biogas plant was handed over in September 2011 in Szarvas. The power plant connected to the plant produces enough electricity to supply a city of 18,000 people (such as Szarvas, for example). Gallicoop Zrt also played an active role in the investment consortium. The waste heat generated during the production of electricity is used in the processing technology of Gallicoop Zrt.

In the fermentors of the biogas plant, more than 135,000 tons of raw materials are used annually, from which biogas is produced. The gas produced here is then led to a power plant built on the territory of Gallicoop Pulykafelforgozó Zrt. through a pipeline more than four kilometers long. The power plant is trigeneration, which means that in addition to electricity, it also produces hot and cold energy, which will be used for cooling and heating in Gallicoop’s plant. The German company’s Hungarian subsidiary sells the electric energy to the electricity supplier.

As a result of the investment, nearly 25% of the cold energy used at Gallicoop Zrt, and 100% of the steam and hot water for heating, are produced from renewable green energy.


The Gallicoop Pulykafelforgozó Zrt. set the goal of implementing a 1.2 MW rooftop solar park in the spirit of environmental awareness and cost savings. The completed system replaces 10% of the company’s current electricity consumption with renewable solar energy, which is an important step in achieving the company’s long-term sustainability and green energy use goals.

In the past more than thirty years, Gallicoop has been increasingly concerned with environmental protection, which we intend to maintain in the future.

Szarvas, 12th April 2022.