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Liver pates

“Nagyi” liver pate

An old recipe in new look! GALLICOOP’s “Nagyi” liver pate has been on the market for several years. A few years ago, it even defeated pork livers, as it received the Audience Award as a turkey liver pate at one of the most famous pork liver pate competitions. The familiar flavor will hit the shelves in a new packaging, under the name Nagyi májas, in a 100-gram package. We recommend the product to those who like traditional home-made liver pates, but still want to eat a healthier type of meat, since in addition to the high liver content, it has the lowest fat content in its category. The whole family will love it! Try our mosaic product, which contains liver and meat mosaics. It can be spread and sliced ​​at the same time! Due to the packaging, it can be a perfect addition to hikes, trips, family picnics, and children can also enjoy it in their school lunch sandwiches. At the same time, “Nagyi” liver pate can also be an excellent ingredient for various fried and stuffed meat dishes.

Allergenic ingredients:


Storage and transport temperature:

Between 0 and +5°C

Shelf life:

Rod pack: 45 days


Rod pack: 100 g